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Small run of Postcards

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I got some postcards of my popular works printed recently - £1 each + p&p, get in touch if you'd like me to pop some in the post!

Update: I've now added them to the shop so you can grab them from there.

Thanks, TC

Christmas Cards

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I got a couple more designs printed this year - very limited run of 10 each.
£1 each + p&p - email me if interested:

And I’ve still got some of last years left if you missed them.

Train Doodles

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The commute into London can be a little dull, but I’ve found a way to pass the time and lighten the mood a bit (after being whacked round the head with a rucksack for the fifth time!).
I make little animal sketches and try to come up with some funny words to accompany them, such as:

If you feel my Traindoodles can help lighten the mood on your commute (though not if it’s by car, that would be unsafe) or <insert daily chore here>, then feel free to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter - the buttons at the bottom of your screen.


Pre-emption – Code Ascending

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I’m fortunate to have many talented friends – Code Ascending just released a new EP called Pre-emption and I provided the artwork!

This is the work of James Harrison (Drummer – Air Formation/You Walk Through Walls/Monster Movie) and Alex and Laurence Harrison. Described as “a huge noisy onslaught of bass driven alternative shoegaze.”

Have a listen to all the tracks on the EP and find our more about them here:

Low Light London

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So you may recall a while back I won a competition in Digital SLR Photography magazine with my macro shot of a vintage lightbulb. Well the prize was vouchers for the Nikon Photography School and I used those vouchers to take part in the low light course.

Macro Light Bulb

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With my recent competition winning success (come on, allow me a little gloating!) I thought it might be of interest to see how I achieved my macro shot of a vintage light bulb.

I knew what I wanted to shoot; now I just needed to figure out how.